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Precision Components

Unotech Engineering LLP offers a complete bouquet of components for on-road & off-road applications.

  • Bi-Tri Metallic Bearings, Bushings & Thrust Washers

  • Disc Brake-Pads (Non Asbestos)

  • Pistons, Piston - pins & Piston - rings

  • Suspension Parts: Tie Rods, Rack-ends, Ball Joints etc.

  • Water Pump Assemblies

  • Engine Valves, Valve Guides & Valve Seats

  • Rubber to metal bonded products

  • Crank Shafts, Cam Shafts & Connecting Rods

  • Rocker-Arms, Rocker-Shafts & Valve Bridge Assembly

  • Ball Bearings

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